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Tochuu Gesha SP


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Haijima Ryu (Kitamura Kazuki), the deputy editor of a travel magazine, works vigorously at a breakneck pace. He has conceived consecutive hit projects and the magazine’s circulation has even soared. The editor (Rokkaku Seiji) regards Ryu as a candidate to be the next editor and pins his hopes on him. But at home, Ryu’s wife Sae (Harada Tomoyo), who works part-time at the library while supporting the family as a housewife, is disgruntled that he cares only about his work. Their son Itsuki (Matsuda Tomoki), a second grade elementary school student, relies on her because he is hardly in. One day, Ryu breathes heavily, breaks out in cold sweat and is assailed by a deep sense of unease on the train. This is his first panic attack. A proud and vain man, Ryu cannot bring himself to confess his illness to his company and his family. He suddenly resigns from the company and loses everything. His presence at home leads to constant quarrels with Sae and Itsuki, and his panic attacks grow worse. Increasingly isolated and wondering what he should do to get his wife and son to acknowledge him again, Ryu goes to consult a counsellor (Nogiwa Yoko). He soon makes the decision to go on a trip with Itsuki
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