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Peek Hong

Swan Wing (2020)

Movie content

Linin, a beautiful socialite who used her beauty and charisma to seduce men into liking her but never took any relationships with those men seriously. She enjoyed playing with their heads and making them fall head over heels in love with her. One of the men that fell for Linin was the fiance of Tinnapat's sister. His sister's world was shattered when her fiance broke off the engagement and left her for Linin. She committed suicide as a result. Tinnapat was devastated by his sister's death and making his life worse, upon hearing the news his mother went into shock and suffered a massive stroke. She became paralyzed and was bedridden. Tinnapat then hunted for Linin and plotted his plan to enter her life and seek his revenge. Linin fell hard for Tinnapat because he was different from all the men she has come across. But she doesn't know that his feeling for her wasn't true. His only intention was to hurt her as much as he can. He couldn't forget his sister's death and will never forgive the woman who caused her death.
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