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Ngao Arthun

Mysterious Shadow, เงาอาถรรพ์ (0)

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Jayramai, a rising singer who was going to be well-known in the show biz, faces a turning point when he meets Malika, a reporter from a magazine that interviews him on the day he wins a popular song award. After that, his mother tells him about his grandfather's death, and she reveals a secret - Jayramai has to take care of Nung Talung, his grandfather's property. Jayramai calls it haunted Nung Talung. After getting there, he meets a female ghost that has waited for him for a long time. She does everything to get him back. She's even obsessed over Katreeya, a superstar who likes him.Jayramai starts to wonder about his past life, especially when he sees Malika. It's like there's a bond that connects them, but the ghost is not giving up. If he doesn't love her, she will kill him. Whether it has passed 10 or a 100 years, but from now on he must live with her only.
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