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Miracle Healer

超级小郎中 (2017)

Movie content

The story tells the story of the twentieth century, the early days of the people, natural disasters, chaos and chaos continued, the people miserable, more ulterior motives to take the opportunity to chaos for evil. The body of the hidden dragon spirit of the small Lang Yang Yi because of the plague incident involved in the Shanghai forces wave cloud treacherous battle, and thus met the Mayor of Shanghai Mayor Mo Xiaoyu, and with love. Behind the scenes, but also the identity of Yang Yi Shi Shou as the same, because of its crazy pursuit of "longevity" delusion, at the artificial spread of the plague, to man-made medicinal herbs refining profits, and then more assassinated politicians, Fang warlord contradictions induced war, the ultimate goal is to achieve the manufacture of "six scourge", the blood sacrifices in exchange for personal survival of the evil target.
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