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Love Flight


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When the break is not the end of love. But the break to make us feel the love is gone. This is the story of the cloud (developed - Aberdeen abundance of agricultural products) writers who think they can put everyone in his life as in his book with the clouds had broken from Thai Airways flight attendant. He vowed that makes it If there's anything new career. But obviously that is not made Blue girlfriend office. This is obviously a dream job. I dare to say that she had secretly sent an application to the hostess at the age of 25 years, which was the last year in the admissions made late win over every year. Because this is the last chance for a career of her dreams.Send feedback on Thai Airways late to training. To satisfy the Air Love the bright blue of the problems began immediately. The train that much harder It is time to bring a cloud over the offensive. And the couple quarreled frequently. Attributed to behave like a sneaky hiding something of the sky, making the cloud more skeptical and start hunting for the truth, then the cloud has found the truth when he saw the sky in a series of flight attendant training.But that's not as hard as finding the Sky walk with the young man, Stewart learned to other people just end up trying to explain it to the cloud, saying, This is the career of her dreams since childhood, but above the clouds return an ultimatum on the horizon that. to choose love or dreams. She decided to dream The pair must break But more than that above the clouds, thinking always that. Well, that was not the end but I want the air because she cheated on him. All of these reasons make the cloud said to myself (again), he hates everything that is Thai Airways. And will never use it.But fate has a funny clouds have been hired to write articles about Japan. And let customers book flights on Thai Airways flight attendant on a flight of blue named the first flight of the operation as well. Chaos And the search for love that's lost.
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