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Kaeru no Oujo-sama


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The scene is set in the town of Yume (Dream) city. Due to financial difficulties, the town is in the process of merging with another city, meanwhile turning into a garbage disposal facility. The formerly prosperous town was referred to as the "Town of Songs", represented by the music hall, now torn down and in ruins.Returning from New York having performed on Broadway, Kurasaka Mio was born and brought up in this city of dreams. Upon finding out the state the city, she stands up together with a group of mothers in a chorus group called "The Chansons" to bring the city back to life.Mio is a dropout musical star, attending auditions on Broadway until her agent tells her that there are no more auditions available for her to attend. The one and only time she got through an audition was for a substitute role.On the other hand, Isaka Chuko is the mayor's daughter and also is a housewife, who struggles to rebuild "The Chansons". While her father tries to go through with the merging of cities, she rivals Mio, who disposes of the old concept behind chorus' in attempt to incorporate a show choir into the routine. Chuko sticks to tradition and will not let Mio have her way without confrontation.A super positive musical comedy, Mio and Chuko team up to chase their dreams together with the chorus girls
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