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Hanchou ~ Keishichou Azumi-han 6


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A man arrives at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department carrying his possessions in a cardboard box. That man is Azumi Tsuyoshi, who has been transferred from Jinnan Precinct to the First Investigative Division’s Special Investigations Unit. It is a newly-created unit under the auspices of Kawaguchi Sotaro, the head of criminal investigations. However, not long after it was set up, the unit was being treated like a subcontractor by the First Investigative Division. Mayama Toko, who is popularly known as the “iron woman” and is the first female to head the First Investigative Division, learns that the Special Investigations Unit reports directly to him and has suspicions about his true intentions. She presses him to disband the unit if they blunder … … One day, Assistant Inspector Ozaki Makoto, and officers Yuki Saori and Koike Tatsuya, who were transferred to the unit earlier than Azumi, stakeout a stadium carpark for a transaction on smuggled guns, on their own. If they arrest the parties in the act of committing the crime, it will be their first commendable achievement before Azumi takes up his new post. However, a girl with her family happens to step between the criminals, and Saori is taken hostage when she dashes out in an attempt to save the girl. They end up in a stalemate and the situation is communicated to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police as a seige. The the Special Investigations Unit and Azumi are mobilised. At the same time, news of the incident also reaches the media. CNC TV’s newscaster Nishimori Naoko is sent to the scene with broadcasting crew. The scene is completely surrounded by the police. Azumi arrives amidst the chaos and observes the situation. Toko reprimands him for not knowing what his subordinates are doing, but Azumi has no grasp of the matter and is completely bewildered … … --Jdramas Wordpress
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